Graphology is the fascinating practice of analysing character from handwriting.

Once we have learned to write, our writing style becomes distinctive and instantly recognisable by those who know us. It symbolises who we are. As we write, we leave an imprint of our personality on the page. It is then up to the graphologist to discover the essence (the portrait as it were) of the writer at the time of writing. Graphology is a powerful tool because it provides clues as to why people behave as they do, but it can also make a difference to our own search for self discovery. If you would like to know the ways in which graphology can benefit your business, then please go to the SERVICES page.

Analysis of a script in my office

I like to spend time poring over a specimen of writing. This can be done with either a magnifying glass or a magnified image on the computer screen. This is vitally important because I can discover the minute changes in pressure and emphasis of every single stroke of the pen. For a full analysis, measurements of strokes are carried out using a Sten Scoring system. If you would like to become a handwriting analyst, then please go to the COURSES page where you will see that I am offering two types of distance learning courses.

Advantages of Handwriting Analysis
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About me.

Portrait of Barbara Weaver, Graphologist

I am a qualified graphologist and certified document examiner. I am Principal of the Cambridge School of Graphology which offers three distance learning courses to students worldwide. One is a Foundation Course which is mainly for those who want to know the basics of handwriting analysis and an Advanced Diploma Course for anyone wanting to become a professionally qualified graphologist. The third course we offer is a Diploma in Forensic Graphology for those who might be interested in being accredited in document examination work involving handwriting and signature authentication. Please see the Courses page for more details. I am also currently Chair of the Association of Qualified Graphologists.

"My sister and I were frankly astonished at how accurate your findings were and then when our husbands read them they thought the same. Some of your findings caused heated debate and quite a bit of soul searching - it's kind of psycho-analyses by biro! If you have any other openings for twin research we would be willing to take part."

M and L - identical twins - names withheld for privacy purposes

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Handwriting sample

Desire for attention

This writer wishes to attract the notice of others. Acceptance is craved because it helps to reduce feelings of insecurity. All sorts of tactics will be used to play to the gallery.

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