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Learn graphology at home with a distance-learning package. You can study graphology at home with unlimited guidance and support from a friendly personal tutor.

We offer three correspondence courses.

Foundation Course in Graphology

Our foundation course has numerous illustrations, practical activities, exercises and thought-provoking questions to lead you through the basics of handwriting analysis. You can check your progress with tutor marked assignments and an end of course examination but there are no formal, timed examinations.

You will learn:

Length of Course

You are free to study this course at your own pace but we suggest you should be able to complete it in 6 months. If your study is stretched over a longer period of time, continuity is lost and learning is not as effective. 15-30 minutes study every day is a more efficient way of learning than an intense session once a week. If you are new to distance learning and find the prospect of studying on your own a little daunting, we have included a few tips on study techniques at the beginning of the course.

When you have successfully completed the course, you will receive a Record of Achievement, a discount voucher for a personal handwriting analysis and a small discount for the Advanced Diploma Course in Graphology.

Cost: £150 for email version

Contact Barbara about The Foundation Course or telephone her on 01223 440020

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Advanced Diploma Course in Graphology

The Cambridge School of Graphology offers an advanced handwriting analysis course that will provide you with a professional qualification in graphology. When you have successfully completed the course of study, you will receive a certificated Diploma which will entitle you to practise as a professional handwriting analyst.

From this course you will learn how to produce an in-depth and comprehensive analysis from any individual's handwriting, whether it is written in English or any other language. The basics remain the same.

This course is distinctive in that it incorporates the principles of both Trait Stroke and Gestaltist schools of thought. By combining the two schools within this course, you will gain a richer and more detailed awareness of how to create the portrait of the writer.

As a student you do not need to have any previous qualifications before you start on this voyage of discovery.

The course consists of 30 lessons plus the final examination

Course synopsis

Trait recognition will form part of each lesson

This is a brief outline of the course. To receive the prospectus outlining the full syllabus, please contact The Cambridge School of Graphology.

Throughout the course, you will be involved in looking at handwriting and preparing analyses of different lengths and different levels of expertise. Each lesson involves individual assignments which are externally marked by your personal tutor. These are returned with model answers after being marked.

Continuation from one lesson to the next is determined by successfully passing the assignments set. After each assignment, you will receive comprehensive feedback.

The course is a distance learning course and it is expected that all material will be sent by email.

Cost: £2000 in total via email.

Instalments are available if preferred.

Payment can be by cheque in the UK sent to the College address or by Paypal (especially for overseas students but please note the price equivalent will depend on the exchange rate).

This course is comprehensive and contains all you need to learn to qualify as a professional graphologist, whether you want to be full or part time or use graphology as a hobby.

Course duration: Expected to be approximately 2 years in duration

To order this course you can contact the College for the syllabus to be sent to you or you can order The Foundation or the Advanced Diploma Course direct by clicking here. We will be in contact with you in due course.

Your course material and welcome pack will be sent to you upon payment clearance.

Once you have obtained your Diploma, you will be invited to join the Association of Qualified Graphologists

Contact Barbara about The Advanced Course or telephone her on 01223 440020

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Forensic graphology covers many areas of investigation such as signature authentication, verifying handwriting on documents legal and non legal, comparisons of a suspect's handwriting with poison pen letters.

Just like fingerprints, handwriting is unique to each individual. Once we have learned to write as a child, the way we write becomes an unconscious act and completely embedded in our subconscious and is difficult to disguise. A forger is unlikely to be aware of the nuances of a person's handwriting just by eyeballing the writing.

A forensic graphologist uses a number of tools and pieces of equipment to detect forgeries and obliterations and these are dealt with throughout the course.


Half of the course will concentrate on handwriting analysis and the other half of the course will concentrate on document examination.

Students will receive a good level of knowledge and understanding on the principles of graphology and how this knowledge and acquired level of expertise can be applied forensically to the study of handwriting on various types of documentation.

Different types of forged documents will be looked at as well as anonymous and poison pen letters.

We expect students to take at least one to two years to complete the course depending on time and commitment.

Students can expect to receive the following:

Students will need:

Cost: £2000 in total via email.

Instalments are available if preferred.

Please use the contact page to ask for a prospectus on Forensic Graphology to be sent to you.

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If you would prefer to pay by cheque (in sterling), please make cheques payable to 'Cambridge School of Graphology' and send it to:

The Cambridge School of Graphology
16A High Street
CB25 9FT
United Kingdom

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