Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you tell the writer's sex from a sample of handwriting?
    Generally speaking no, although handwriting does often have the appearance of being either 'feminine' or 'masculine'
  2. Does writing change with age?
    Since writing reflects the writer's state of mind at the time of writing, it would be strange if the person's handwriting did not reflect signs of maturity and psychological development as the person ages.
  3. Can the potential for violence be seen in handwriting?
    Very often yes - Graphologists refer to 'red flags' which can be easily detected in the writing and can reveal whether the writer has violent tendencies.
  4. Can you tell what kind of work the writer is employed in from his/her handwriting?
    No - this does not usually reveal itself, although very often the potential for what s/he can do is revealed.
  5. Can handwriting analysis reveal the future?
  6. Can handwriting analysis reveal what makes us tick?
    Handwriting sampleYes definitely.
  7. Can graphologists analyse printscript and blocked capitals?
    Handwriting sampleYes - printstyle writing, like cursive script, has strokes in all three zones (upper, middle, lower) but block printing is limited to the middle zone (with no "tails" below the baseline or strokes rising above the middle zone).

    Analysing printed writing presents more of a challenge than cursive script but, using the basic principles of graphology, slant, layout, pressure etc provide a wealth of information.

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