Services Offered:

Employment Screening / Security Screening

A job applicant's sample of writing is sent to me for analysis. The report I write is flexible and is intended to meet the needs of each particular organisation. A personality profile is drawn up in line with a job description. It may be that the organisation is searching for particular attributes which an analysis can readily pick up.

A graphological report is objective and free from bias. It does not discriminate in any way since the age, sexuality, ethnicity or social class of the writer does not need to be divulged. It is meant to be used in conjunction with other interview techniques. However, it does have certain advantages over and above psychometric tests. I read recently a valid comment regarding psychometric tests "as instruments, they do not tell you what you are like; you tell the instrument." With handwriting analysis, the analyst can reveal what the individual is actually like.

Contact Barbara about Employment Screening / Security Screening or telephone her on 01223 440020 to discuss your individual requirements and a mutually agreeable price.

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Business Compatibility

This service has a number of different options.

  1. To assess the compatability between business partners
  2. To assess how compatible a new applicant would be within the existing work environment as a whole or within a specific business division

Various surveys have discovered that the majority of problems at work are personality-related. As many managers have unfortunately discovered from personal experience, employing the wrong person can be very costly in more ways than one.

Attitude and behaviour are as important as qualifications and technical competence.

Companies, like individuals, have their own personality (or culture) which explains why a person who performs very well in one company is less successful doing a similar job in a different one. With an understanding of company culture and the requirements of the post, a graphologist can provide managers with useful, focused assessments to complement other selection procedures.

Contact Barbara about Business Compatibility or telephone her on 01223 440020 to discuss your individual requirements and a mutually agreeable price.

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Personality Profiles

Personality is an important aspect in every situation where people interact. Fundamentally we are all different (that's what makes people so interesting) but unless we understand ourselves and recognise what makes us think, feel and act as we do, we may not make the most appropriate decisions about career, relationships etc. Knowing yourself is the first step towards understanding others. Most of us would claim we know ourselves well, but often our self image is unconsciously distorted.

These reports are highly comprehensive and provide a complete portrait of the writer. The major value of an analysis lies in an increased understanding of the individual and the concomitant ability to enjoy improved relationships both personally and professionally.

Contact Barbara about Personality Profiles or telephone her on 01223 440020 to discuss your individual requirements and a mutually agreeable price.

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Marital Compatibility

Compatibility has been defined as the ability to live and work harmoniously together. The relationship between you and your partner has a profound influence on your life and happiness. No two people are exactly alike, and it would be a boring world if they were but it helps to understand where differences in outlook and needs could cause misunderstandings.

Attitudes are shaped throughout life by temperament, personality and past experience and no two people respond in exactly the same way. By identifying and accepting differences between yourself and your partner, this is the first step to building a successful relationship. Mutual understanding, tolerance and compromise can then help you both avoid potential pitfalls and misunderstandings that could damage the relationship.

An indepth analysis of both partners is provided in order to demonstrate how each partner is likely to affect the other. The basic idea is that by knowing and understanding how each partner is similar and/or different, any commitment that is made will be more enduring.

Where arranged marriages are common practice, graphology can be used as an additional checkpoint on the compatibility of the couple prior to consent for the marriage taking place.

Contact Barbara about Marital Compatibility or telephone her on 01223 440020 to discuss your individual requirements and a mutually agreeable price.

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Please send 2 pages (if possible) of handwriting on plain unlined paper in its original format. The writing should be spontaneous and not copied. The context of the writing is immaterial. Please write your normal signature at the bottom of the page.

It would also be helpful if you could indicate whether you are right or left-handed.

Handwriting sample showing stubbornness in the writer.

Example of Stubbornness in the writer

Stubbornness indicates hostility and resistance to outside pressure. A stubborn person will swear black is white rather than admit that he is wrong. Stubbornness is shown in the letters 't' and 'd'. The strokes are braced, similar to a tented structure. When stubbornness is seen in t's, the writer refuses to shelve his plans and intentions. When stubbornness is seen in d's, the writer refuses to change anything to do with his character that others may see as problematic.

Learn Graphology!

Handwriting sample showing confusion of interests in the writer.

Example of confusion of interests in the writer

Tangled lines mean lack of organisational ability

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